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I hope you all enjoy the new website, we are hoping to add in webcam features soon but this does depend on Mt.Timothy being able to secure new internet service as the satellite service we currently have would not support the bandwidth necessary to broadcast webcam images.

Season Passes are still offered on our cloud store and you can find the link for this on our website as well. Most passes are still being offered at a 40% savings.  We are now going towards a quantity pass sale as opposed to setting time periods and specific dates for pass sales.  Once a certain quantity is sold the sale price will go up to the next tier, so the earlier you shop the more you will save!

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The good government scientists are predicting that the upcoming winter will be strongly affected by La Nina conditions.

Mt. Timothy Ski Area had great snow conditions for the 2015/2016 season and it looks as though we can expect another great snow year again.  A positive thing for you the skier & rider is that Mt.Timothy Ski Area is positioned on a north facing slope which allows us to have wonderful snow conditions which last into the spring.  We very rarely get the thawing and glazing that many ski areas see due to this.

There has been a lot of summer brushing on the runs, mainly done by volunteers. If you would like to volunteer to brush runs we would certainly appreciate your time donation!  This is done so we can open earlier with less snow.  We are shooting for a December 16th opening date at this time. We will be open 7 days a week through Christmas break which will last until January 2nd.  After the holiday break we will go to a 4 day a week operation opening Thursday through Sunday from 9:00 am until 3:30 pm. We will also be open February 13th for BC Family Day, which is on a Monday.

Mt. Timothy and Timberland Ski Club are happy to announce we will be hosting a regional BC Alpine race at Mt.Timothy scheduled for March 4th and 5th, 2017.  This is a great opportunity for youth to compete locally and for skiing enthusiasts from other areas to come and see our local ski hill.

If you have children who are interested in developing their skills we have two ski clubs that train Saturdays and Sundays at the hill through Nancy Green Ski Club. If you interested in being a volunteer for this program please email  , see our page “ski league” on this website for additional information.

Mt. Timothy Ski Area management and the Mt.Timothy Ski Society together are refocusing on what direction we would like to see the ski area  go in and are currently working together to reach these goals.

Our goal is to offer the best skiing and riding conditions that we are able to provide for our local communities as well as visitors to this area and to maintain our core product and infrastructure while being financially responsible.

We want to support the communities which support us.  We certainly appreciate all the local vendors we do business with and their willingness to work with us as well.

As you may or may not know the ski area management did change hands at the start of last season.  The team all learned a lot and we were able to determine the places we felt we could improve efficiency and business.
If you did not get a chance to meet me last season I am Caroline Sherrer the General Manager of Mt.Timothy.  I have been in the ski industry for around 25 years now.

I have had the fortuity to work at many fantastic ski areas in Oregon, Colorado and British Columbia in mountain operations, ski lift construction with Dopplemayr and Leitner Poma and rope slicing.

I am quite happy to be in this community and to guide Mt.Timothy, along with the MTSS board forward and to be part of revitalizing this community ski hill!

It is so important to have a place like this for the local communities.  I have lived in several regions that would have loved to have a ski area in their back yard- I know the importance of it and I am committed to continuing its long lasting contribution to the Cariboo region as a non-profit ski area.
With Mt. Timothy being a non-profit, this means it has a volunteer board of directors, currently we have a 10 person Mt.Timothy Ski Society board.

After last season wrapped up and I was able to take a look at everything in a broad sense, I did see some areas which I wanted to focus on in the way of change.  The MTSS board has spent so much volunteer time together and with me to really take a hard look at the operations past, present and the future and to challenge themselves to find innovated and forward-thinking solutions.

I really would like to thank them for the amount of volunteer time they have committed to see the success of this ski hill.

Thank you:

  • Ryan Wonnacott- MTSS President
  • Stephen Pellizzari- Vice President
  • Michelle Swalwell- Secretary
  • Brian Hamm- Treasurer
  • Debbie Dengel- Past President
  • Noel Thompson
  • Bob Wanless
  • Roger Hicks
  • Chris Holloway
  • Amy Cadrin

Thanks for all the meetings and emails, I know it has been a lot of time spent and together we will keep this hill going steady and create good vibrations!

I would also like to thank Gail Wallin, Mike Kidston, Bruce Johnson, Gernot Zemanek, Ken Day, Morgan Day, Oliver Berger and Jamie Schectman from Mountain Riders Alliance for their volunteer time, effort and commitment to the longevity of Mt.Timothy Ski Area.

The MTSS Board will be heading out into the communities for our fall fundraising campaign “My Mt. Timothy” very soon.  When you meet with them keep in mind the importance of this ski hill to your community and that it is operating for you and is continuing the strong ski/ride history in the Cariboo!

Hope to see you all on the slopes in December!

Caroline Sherrer, GM
Mt.Timothy Ski Area



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